The new "Hydraulic Transom Jack" allows a driver to adjust the height of his engine while underway, enabling him to achieve greater efficiency and improved fuel economy. This jack plate is custom-machined and constructed from high tensile strength aluminum alloy. It has a 6 inch set-back and features single ram activation with 6 inches of usable vertical travel (in less than 7 seconds!). The standard package comes complete with all plumbing, fittings, and electrical connections necessary for installation. Quickest Travel - Four times faster than most competitors. Six inches of usable vertical travel, in approximately 7 seconds Available In Flats Jac, Bass Jac & Hydra Jac

    -We center line nose cone to prop shaft, welding nose cone in place while being held in a fixture to assure proper alignment.

    -We then blend the nose cone into the unit using epoxy fillers and finish to the proper contour and shape.
    -Then we prepare the case to be painted with an etching primer and then a sealer primer and then to a finish paint.
Now reassemble the unit putting stainless steel hoses on to complete job and ship in 3 to 4 working days. *Warranty* - 2 Years Against Blistering & Bubbling

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